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Welcome to Luxe Designer Candles, the haven where your candle dreams transform into reality. We're not just your average candle enthusiasts; we're the connoisseurs of wax wizardry, the maestros of fragrance fusion, and the architects of illuminating artistry.

Imagine a world where your candles aren't just mood-setters; they're conversation starters, they're jaw-droppers, they're the VIPs of your décor game. From logos that wink at you to handbag designs that give your space that 'je ne sais quoi,' we've got it all.

And hey, speaking of finding us, guess what? If Saturdays are the highlights of your week (and let's be honest, they should be), then North Weald Market is the place to be. It's like a treasure hunt for the most luxurious candles in town, and guess what? X marks the scented spot – right at our Luxe Designer Candles corner.

So, buckle up, fabulous souls, because you're about to embark on a fragrant journey that's part whimsy, part luxury, and a whole lot of "OMG, where did you get that?!" moments. Join us in celebrating the fine art of candle couture and let's turn every space into a masterpiece of flickering splendor. Stay lit!

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Bespoke Candles

LV Logo

Introducing our iconic LV Logo Candle – where luxury meets luminance.

LV Bag

Experience the allure of luxury with our LV Large Bag Designer Candle.

LV Case

Unveil the essence of opulence with our LV Case Designer Candle.

Chanel Designer candles in all colours


Custom Made Designer Candles

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Wax melts

We're thrilled to partner with Quirky Candles, creators of clean-burning, natural soy wax candles and highly fragranced wax melts. Their collection features stunning pillar designs, table pieces, and jumbo candles that perfectly complement our Luxe Designer Candles range. Together, we're igniting a world of captivating scents and unparalleled craftsmanship. Explore their enchanting creations at Quirky Candles.

and discover even more ways to light up your life with style and elegance.


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Our Latest Products

Luxury Candle Christmas Gifts

Ready to elevate your ambiance and indulge in luxury?

Explore our latest collection and festive Christmas bundles at Luxe Designer Candles! From exquisite designs to enchanting fragrances, each candle is crafted to perfection. Visit our shop page now and discover the art of scented elegance.

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LV Handbag


YSL Logo


CC Handbag


YSL Logo


LV Case


LV logo


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